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Paris is one of the most exciting places for a student of dance to study both technique and dance history. The city is filled with a history of collaborations between dance artists and visual artists as well as the influence of American dance artists who lived and thrived in Paris. Here are what some past students said about the program:










Before I left for Paris, I had Anjali Austin, Department Chair, Graduate Program Director, Florida State University School of Dance, tell me I would come back changed in so many aspects of my life. At the time, I do not think I fully comprehended the truth behind her words, but as I sit in reflection to write this paper, I feel in myself what she meant. From the dancer’s perspective, I have gained a lot of confidence in terms of being able to walk into a studio and be sure of myself and my movement abilities despite circumstances. Whether it was a language barrier, stylized differences, or cultural differences, I was still able to dance well and take something away from class.

~ Faith Goyette, Program Participant Summer 2023


“Coming into the Dance in Paris program, I had one goal for myself: to experience another culture and take it in for all that it is worth. Now, three weeks later, I have gotten more out of this program than I could have hoped for. In one short month, I have felt myself mature as both an artist and world citizen, gaining what feels like years’ worth of confidence I have been craving.”

~ Jessica Cassette, Program Participant Summer 2023


“This past month in Paris has been a movie- an action-packed movie full of wild daily adventures, fabulous scenery, inspired dancing, unexpected challenges, side characters, new friendships, personal growth, and hopefully one that has a sequel. While I am still processing the events from these past thirty days, the personal takeaway from my travels has stood out with clarity among anything I have seen and done.”

~ Katherine Enoch, Program Participant Summer 2023