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Program Description


DAN 4935-01 Special Topics:  Studio and Related Studies (3 credit hours)

This course is designed to provide technique classes in classical ballet and contemporary dance at various studios and professional training centers in Paris. Additionally, students have the opportunity to explore other dance genres throughout the course that relate to their professional trajectory or area of research. Students participate in master classes that further introduce them to European dance styles and approaches within the European Union. This course is augmented with performances at renown theaters such as Opéra National de Paris, Théâtre Paris-Villette, and Théâtre National du Chaillot.

Course Objectives:

  • Identify and discuss varying European and American approaches to dance training in Paris,
  • Develop an awareness of the educational/conservatoire system in France,
  • Explore the professional dance scene in Paris through participation in classes, performances, master classes, and informal showings,
  • Participate in cultural exchanges.

Students will take a daily technique class at Studio Harmonic, Ménagerie de Verre, Centre Nationale de Danse, or Centre de Danse du Marais. Classes typically last 1½ to 2 hours. Students will be asked to keep a journal of their experiences in classes including reflections about French teaching styles, taking classes with French students, and a daily log of their experiences and progression. Students will have additional writing assignments including a reflection paper and a critical response to performances.

Note: This course will also be offered at the graduate level: DAN 5930-01 (3 credit hours)

COURSE DAN 4935-02 Special Topics: Dance Film (3 credit hours)

This course will focus on three different areas of dance film, 1) study of French avant-garde cinema and the La Nouvelle Vague (New Wave) movement in 1950’s, 2) development of a hands-on practice directing, dancing, and filming in the auteur style of filmmaking, and 3) study of contemporary dance film in France. This course will incorporate site visits, guided and self-guided walking tours, student designed walking/filming tours and guest lecturers.

Course Objectives:

  • Identify influential developments in film in France from the 19th Century to the present
  • Demonstrate hands-on skills and a theoretical understanding of independent filmmaking concepts and techniques
  • Experience the unique cultural aspects of the city while identifying the complexity between appreciation and appropriation when creating dance films in Paris
  • Analyze relationship between the advent of motion pictures with notable dance artists working in Paris such as Loie Fuller, Josephine Baker, and Isadora Duncan
  • Articulate observations of dance, film and the influence of other art forms through critical analysis
  • Verbalize both historical and cultural events related to dance film topics
  • Explore and navigate Paris through a figurative and literal cinematic lens
  • Produce short dance films inspired by French film terminology and concepts

This course will be offered at the graduate level: DAN 5930-02 (3 credit hours).


FSU School of Dance undergraduate and graduate dance majors – This program is currently open to all undergraduate and graduate dance majors approved by the FSU School of Dance.

Non-dance majors and majors from other universities may also apply.  Please contact Kehinde Ishangi for additional information at

HIGHLIGHTS – Based on 2023 Dance in Paris Program

Week I


  • Neighborhood walking tour and exploring the center of Paris
  • Ballet master classes with Jenny Sandler
  • Technique classes with Nathalie Pubellier, Gregory Cianci at Studio Harmonic
  • Montmartre walking tour meeting at the Basilica of Sacre Coeur
  • Viewing of dance film archives at Centre National de Danse (CND)
  • Performance of The Dante Project by the Paris Opera Ballet at the Palais Garnier

Week II


  • Ballet master class at the CND with Javier Torres, artistic director of the Finnish National Ballet
  • Technique classes at Centre du Marais de Danse
  • Lecture and visit to Musée du Louvre
  • Contemporary technique class with Emilio Urbina at Ménagerie de Verre
  • Floor Barre/MUNZ FLOOR class with Anais L’heureux at Ménagerie de Verre
  • Performance of MOMO by Batsheva Dance Company at Théâtre Paris-Villette

Week III


  • Visit to Musée de la Cinematheque Française
  • Contemporary technique with Sherwood Chen at Ménagerie de Verre
  • Performance of Triptych by Peeping Tom at the Palais Garnier
  • Lecture and museum visit to Centre du Pompidou
  • Explore technique classes related to professional trajectory and/or specific research area

Week IV


  • Contemporary technique with Pascale Gille at Ménagerie de Verre
  • Contemporary master class with Sholmi Tuizer at the CND
  • Afro-Modern master class with Georgey Souchette
  • Performance of My Body, my archive by Faustin Linyekula at Theatre du Chaillot
  • Final Film Project Showing at Cité Universitaire
  • Closing Performance and Dinner at Crazy Horse and Ginger

Technique Classes

Académie Américanine de Danse de Paris

  • Jenny Sanders (Ballet)
  • Brooke Desnoës (Ballet)
  • Christele Venet (Ballet & Repertory)

Mika Danse

  • Peter Goss (Contemporary/Somatic work)

Studio Harmonique

  • Wayne Byars (Ballet)
  • Nathalie Pubellier (Contemporary)
  • Corinne Lansell (Contemporary)

Menagerie de Verre

  • Nina Dipla (Contemporary)
  • Stephanie Fratti

Examples of Assignments:

  • Reflection Paper
  • Journals
  • Artist/Writer Report
  • Museums – critique of visual artists
  • Hypothetical Choreographic Project
  • Weekly Blogs
  • Student Designed Walking Tour of the Marais area
  • Final Project (Photo &/or Creative Essay)