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MFA Returning Professional

The MFA returning professional track allows career dance artists to design a curriculum that will enhance and augment current skills, deepen existing knowledge, and provide opportunities for exploring new areas of interest. Acceptance is at the faculty’s discretion and on a case-by-case basis. Students who are designated returning professionals by the faculty have some latitude in shaping their curriculum, with faculty approval. The following criteria are considerations for admittance into the returning professional track:

  • Substantial professional dance career at the national or international level
  • Demonstrated choreographic and/or restaging experience with dance repertory
  • Demonstrated maturity and commitment to the field of dance
  • Ongoing engagement and currency in the field of dance

MFA Returning Professional Timeline

Sixty (60) credits are required for the Returning Professional MFA in Dance. Returning Professionals can choose an accelerated 2-year track or a 3-year track.

MFA Returning Professional Accelerated 2-Year Track

For the accelerated 2-year Returning Professional Track, the candidate is granted flexibility to satisfy program requirements through a combination of Fall, Spring, and Summer semesters which are tailored to the unique objectives of the individual student. The following is an example of how this track might be divided:

Summer 1: 0-3 credit hours
Fall 1: 12 credit hours
Spring 1: 12 credit hours

Summer 2: 3-9 credit hours
Fall 2: 12 credit hours
Spring 2: 12 credit hours

Summer 3: 3-9 credits hours

MFA Returning Professional 3-Year Track

The 3-year Returning Professional Track is 3 Fall and 3 Spring semesters. The following is an example of how this track might be divided:

Fall 1: 9 credit hours
Spring 1: 9 credit hours

Fall 2: 9-12 credit hours
Spring 2: 9-12 credit hours

Fall 3: 9-12 credit hours
Spring 3: 9-12 credit hours

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