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Program Description

The BFA in dance at Florida State University is designed to provide an environment of the highest caliber in both practice and scholarship preparing students to enter dance as a profession. The degree emphasis is on performance and choreography as well as the theoretical aspects of dance (pedagogical, historic and aesthetic). Additionally, students select an area of specialization which relates to their areas of interest, deepens their understanding of dance, and may impact their particular contribution to the field upon graduation.

University Admission

Future Students – Auditions & Admissions

Placement and Proficiency

On entrance into the program, all students are assigned an appropriate placement, or technique level, in ballet and in contemporary dance. At the end of a studio technique course, students must demonstrate the necessary technical progress to enroll at the next level; otherwise, they re-enroll at the same level until ready to advance. To meet graduation requirements, the student must achieve and maintain the Ballet II-2 level and the Contemporary Dance II-1 level or the Contemporary Dance II-2 level and the Ballet II-1 level; the advanced proficiency level (II-2) must be achieved by one semester prior to graduation.

Performance and Production

BFA candidates are required to participate in one school sponsored performance each year. Attendance at weekly dance forums (a series of lectures and films throughout the academic year) and these performances fulfill the requirements for Dance Ensemble, DAA 1680–4685.
The required courses DAN 3504 and DAN 3584 include classes and assigned responsibilities in technical production.

Liberal Studies

All students working toward a degree in dance must meet the university’s liberal studies requirements.

Curriculum Requirements

Please note:

  • Course names, numbers, and requirements are subject to change.
  • For transfer students, the School of Dance determines the applicability of previous coursework to the requirements.
  • Semester hours for courses are shown in parentheses.

I. Dance Technique (30 hours minimum; courses are repeatable)

DAA 3108 (2) – Contemporary Dance I

DAA 3208 (2) – Ballet I

DAA 3109 (2) – Contemporary Dance II

DAA 3209 (2) – Ballet II

DAA 4110 (2) – Contemporary Dance III

DAA 4210 (2) – Ballet III

The student is placed at the appropriate technical level each term. Both ballet and contemporary dance are taken four days each week throughout enrollment as a dance major, with these possible exceptions:

  1. During Summer Session, the student may elect to take only one of the technique courses (either ballet or contemporary dance). Technique classes are only offered during Summer terms B and C.
  2. If the student has achieved and maintained the required proficiency levels in technique at a B or better average, he/she may elect to take only one of the technique courses (either ballet or contemporary dance) during one of the final two semesters. Students who attend the Arts in NYC program in the fall of their senior year are not eligible for this option in the spring of their senior year. Students who have not yet completed six semesters of technique (summers excluded) are also not eligible for this option.

II. Composition and Repertory (10 hours minimum)

Required sequence:

  1. DAA 2610 (2) – Dance Composition: Exploration of basic rhythmic, spatial, and dynamic materials in the designing of dance movements; improvisation and exploration of various ideological and aesthetic sources.
  2. DAN 2611 (3) – Music and Choreography. Analysis of various elements of music with relationship to dance performance and/or choreography. Study of choreographic forms and structures. Consent of instructor required. Prerequisite: DAN 2610.
  3. DAA 3654 (2) – Choreography-Repertory: The study and practice of selected works of dance repertory. Repeatable for a maximum credit of 16 semester hours. Consent of instructor required.
  4. DAA 3614 (3) – Dance Composition: Study of choreographic forms and structures. Consent of instructor required. Prerequisite: DAN 2611.

III. Other Required Dance Courses (40 hours)

DAN 2500 (1) – Introduction to Design

DAN 2610 (3) – Rhythmic Analysis

DAN 2101 (3) – Introduction to the Dance Profession

DAN 3754 (2) – Dance Conditioning

DAE 3384 (3) – Methods and Materials in Dance Education

DAN 3504 (2) – Dance Production

DAN 3584 (1) – Dance Theatre Lab

DAN 3400 (3) – Movement Analysis

DAN 3144 (3)- Cultural Perspectives on Dance

DAN 3145 (3)- Classical Perspectives on Dance

DAN 3146 (3) – Contemporary Perspectives on Dance

DAN 3714 (3) – Dance Kinesiology

DAA 1680, 2681, 3684, 4685 (1 each) – Dance Ensemble. Repeatable; minimum 1 hour credit required.

DAA 4418 (3) – Survey of Dance Technologies

DAN 4971 (3) – Senior Capstone Experience

IV. Liberal Studies (36 hours)

DAN 3144 (3) Cultural Perspectives on Dance may be applied to the Liberal Studies requirements.

V. Dance Electives (11 hours)

Students are required to investigate possibilities for dance elective courses which relate to their areas of interest, deepen their understanding of dance, and provide a significant investigation into one or more related areas of study which may impact their particular contribution to the field of dance upon graduation. Individual areas of concentration are planned by the student with approval of the student’s faculty advisor. Areas of concentration may include, but are not limited to: dance production, dance technology, dance conditioning, repertory and performance, choreography, dance history and writing, and dance analysis.

Summary of Curriculum Requirements

I. Dance Technique ~30 semester hours
II. Composition and Repertory ~10 semester hours
III. Other Required Dance Courses ~40 semester hours
IV. Liberal Studies ~36 semester hours
V. Dance Electives ~11 semester hours

Total: 128 semester hours

For more information, contact:
BFA candidates
Jeffrey Bray
Academic Program Manager
School of Dance
P.O. Box 3062120
Florida State University
Tallahassee FL 32306-2120