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School of Dance Alumna Starring in Hamilton

Published September 10, 2019
Tiffany Mellard

Photo courtesy of The Magazine. Photo taken by Karl Magnuson.

Excerpts courtesy of The Magazine

The Florida State School of Dance is proud to acknowledge alumna Tiffany Mellard, who is a part of the women’s ensemble cast of Hamilton in San Francisco at the Orpheum Theatre. Cast as ‘the bullet,’ she plays a role in the foreshadowing of Hamilton’s death throughout the show.

In an interview with The Magazine, Mellard says she enjoys the role because it keeps the show fresh for her every night.

Tiffany Mellard

Photo courtesy of The Magazine

Mellard was a part of the cast that performed in Puerto Rico in January with Lin-Manuel Miranda. The cast of Hamilton was able to raise close to $15 million towards the restoration of the arts and cultural programs on the island after it was affected by Hurricane María. This kind of social engagement resonates with Mellard and is embedded in Hamilton. “What inspires me most is the impact that this show has on a global scale. People from all different backgrounds can identify with this show because of its diversity, humanity, and powerful messages of love, friendship, and honor,” Mellard said to The Magazine. “The theme that has resonated in my life the most is the idea of history having its eyes on me – often, we think of how our actions affect the present moment without realizing its impact on generations to come. As a result, I’ve become more conscious of what legacy I want to leave behind.”

Mellard is not the only College of Fine Arts alum starring in Hamilton, she joins the ranks of Montego Glover, a Tony Award nominee and School of Theatre alumna who stars in the Chicago production of Hamilton. Glover has also starred in other touring Broadway productions such as Memphis, The Color Purple, and Les Misérables. Glover made her way to the small screen in Hostages and Smash. Mellard and Glover’s achievements are indicative of the top-tier training programs within FSU’s College of Fine Arts. Ranked as one of the best in the nation, the College provides its students with a wide variety of theatrical, dance, and educational opportunities to prepare emerging artists to enter the professional industry as thriving artists.

Mellard’s advice for students who want to enter her field?

Don’t take things personally and do not give up if this is something you’re really passionate about. A lot of times, the reasons why we’re rejected from certain jobs are beyond our control which have nothing to do with our talent and ability. The only thing we have control of is honing our craft and being authentic every time we step into the audition room. The right opportunity will present itself at the right time when we’re ready to receive it.