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Week 9

Guys!  It’s week nine!  What?!?
Looking forward to a fun fall week with you.  Enjoy the weather and the rush of all the activities this week!
1) Hans will be sending info about Saturday’s Stoop Sale!  Think about brownie-like yummies, and some gluten, dairy-free, nut-free options.
1) If you’re going home for Thanksgiving do not plan to leave before 4-4:30 on Friday, November 20th
2) Keep trying to exploring new venues.  Check your ushering sheet (sent earlier this year) for instructions on how to the usher at different dance venues.
3) We still would like you to take a class at STREB (this is listed in the syllabus).  We suggest POPACTION, but the choice is yours.  Email Al when you have a plan for taking the class. 
4) Looking ahead: On October 30, you have *Paper #2 Topic Discussions*
From your syllabus: The Final Research Project explores any narrative you have already undertaken for your composition class, or, a narrative you might want to undertake. The point is to hook your work in composition class to your research work in Arts & Resources class; this research is practical and contributes to the creative process. You will have seen/heard multiple narratives in performance or workshop. Be inventive in searching out different narrative modalities (text, images, sound, video, instruction tapes, settings, etc.); move into new territory or dive into an existing passion. This project culminates in a paper and a PPT presentation. If applicable refer to the readings/videos associated with your topic that have been assigned. However, you MUST also find outside sources, and you are required to have minimum 7 sources, and at least 4 must be something other than websites (they can be journal articles, books, newspaper articles, videos, interview transcripts, etc.). This is an unusual research paper and I cannot predict what kinds of sources you will use.  You may discuss sources with me.
5) Looking ahead: On October 30, *Performance logs & proofs due.*
6) Looking ahead: By 11/12, You are required to have taken a Burlesque class. We recommended the drop-in class on Thursday, 11/12, 7-8pm: But, the class happens every Thursday.
10/19 Mon. (2-5:30pm): WK 9 COMPDance on Film/Dance for Film with Celia Rowlson Hall @ Gibney Studio B
Warm Up: Laurel Snyder
Guest artist Celia Rowlson Hall will lead us through creating our own mini dance films. She will also speak with us about her work as a filmmaker, choreographer, and dancer. We will explore using our cell phones or tablets to take video to create our own distinctive videos, to eventually be uploaded to social media (Instagram and Facebook) with the hashtag #FSUinNYC2015.
ASSIGNMENT DUE in class 10/19: Choreograph a 30 second solo, and come to class ready to share. It will be the starting point for our work in class with Celia.

——(7:30-9:30pm): WK 9 PERFORMANCE/EVENT—The Bessies @ The Apollo Theater (253 W 125th St, New York, NY 10027). Directions hereThis is a fun dress-up event! Find Al at the Red Carpet!

10/21 Wed. (7:30-9:30pm): WK 9 PERFORMANCE—Jamie, ushering at Okwui Okpokwasili @ NYLA.  Briana, you have a ticket in your envelope for this show.

10/22 Thurs. (7:30-9:30pm): WK 9 PERFORMANCE—Taylor and Andre, ushering at Okwui Okpokwasili @ NYLA.

10/23 Fri. (9:30am-1pm): WK 9 A&R CLASS—INTERNATIONALISM @ Gibney Conference Room

Guests Andrea Snyder and Bravo “Brahms” LaFortune offer provocatively broad perspectives on American Dance as an international performance and teaching phenomenon. They represent two different points on the spectrum of “internationalism.” Snyder’s organization, American Dance Abroad, raises money to send American concert dance and performers abroad to perform on stage and teach at well-established dance organizations. LaFortune works outside this frame entirely; a self-taught Haitian-American urban House dancer, and master teacher-performer who travels around the world to teach, judge, and perform at enormous and numerous House dance conferences and competitions.  What do winners of these competitions hope to achieve once they win?


Sommer, Sally, “C’mon to My House,” “Com’on To My House.” Ballroom, Boogie, Shimmy Sham, Shake: A Social and Popular Dance Reader, edited by Julie Malnig. Urbana: University of Illinois Press, 2009, 285-301.ASSIGNMENT (due in class 10/23):Prepare a written statement about what you think about today’s internationalism: is it something you think about? Think about the pros and cons for you as a young dancer or choreographer. Working from these statements, we will mold our conversation with our guests.

——Fri. (2-4pm): WK 9 EXPERIENTIAL—Guest Hanaah Frechette @ Gibney Studio D.

Hanaah, an FSU in NYC alum, offers another perspective on internationalism based on her managerial experience with Flamenco Vivo, an American Flamenco company that travels abroad; during the recent Spanish economic depression, the company helped careers of unemployed brilliant Flamenco artists. Bonus: a Sevillanas class.

——Fri. (7:30-9:30pm): WK 9 PERFORMANCE—SarahGrace and Amanda, ushering at Okwui Okpokwasili @ NYLA.
——Fri. (7:30-9): WK 9 SUGGESTED PERFORMANCE—Katie Swords, Jessie Zarrit, and Leah Cox @ Museum of Art and Design (2 Columbus Circle, NY, NY 10019). Those able, meet at 6 pm for museum visit with Adrienne.  

10/24 Sat. (10-2pm): WK 9 EVENT—Stoop Sale @ Sally’s. Look out for an email from Hans about sign-ups (times and food). 

——(8pm): WK 9 PERFORMANCE—Aakash Odedra @ Baryshnikov Arts Center (450 West 37th Street, between 9th and 10th Avenues). Tickets are at will-call under Sally’s name.

10/25 Sun. (due on Bb by 11:59pm): WK 9 JOURNAL—Two Parts
Part A: Upload your video to Instagram and Facebook with hashtag #FSUinNYC2015. Post to FSU in NYC Facebook group AND page as well.
Part B: Reflect on your experiences in technique classes so far. List the classes you have taken. What stands out? What class do you plan to return to? What new class do you plan to try next?