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Week 8

Hi All,
Hope you had a great weekend!  I’m sure we’re all looking forward to a quieter week.  : )  Make sure to take some time to recuperate in whatever way you need.
1) For Friday’s anti-gravity class: bring $25 cash, and wear leggings and a sleeved shirt.
2) Taylor, Jamie, and Jackie will be leading the seminar portion of Friday’s A&R Class.  Please be sure to have ALL done your readings/viewings.  Since we have not issued pop quizzes this semester, these three seminar classes (and your participation, by preparation or discussion) replace your pop-quiz grades for the semester.
3) You have only one pre-arranged performance this week.  Try to see a show at a venue you haven’t been to yet.  Check your ushering sheet (sent earlier this year) for instructions on how to the usher at different dance venues.
1) We expect you to incorporate our edits into your final paper drafts, and will look at your rough and final side by side.  If you still have questions about Chicago Manual Style, please email us by tomorrow (Monday) so we can clarify.
2) By 10/16 we would like you to have taken a class at STREB (this is listed in the syllabus).  We suggest POPACTION, but the choice is yours.
3) For the 10/17-18 HB excursion, Sally and I will reach out the those interested/available individually (Andre, Taylor, Amanda).  If you didn’t let us know that you can make it, and now want to, invitation stands.  : )
4) Looking ahead: On October 30, you have *Paper #2 Topic Discussions* and *Performance logs & proofs due.*
10/12 Mon. (2-5:30pm): WK 8 COMP—Guest Artist Lauren Slone: Phrasemaking and independent student work time @ Gibney Studio B
10/13 Tues. (11:59pm): *Paper #1 Edited Final Draft Due*
10/14 Wed. (6:30pm): WK 8 PERFORMANCE—Monica Bill Barnes @ Gibney Studio G (280 Broadway)
10/16 Fri. (9:30-1pm): WK 8 A&R CLASS—Expanding the Boundaries of Dance: The Brooklyn Bridge, Aerial Dance and Streb @ Gibney Conference Room
Aerial work has been part of dance since ancient Indian and Greek times, spreading through ballet and cirque into current practices. Today dancers expand the boundaries of dance by aerial flying with “wire and harnesses.” Trisha Brown’s in 1970s initiated renewed postmodern interest aerial work; Philippe Petit is a highwire walker who assesses his art as highwire ballet. Aerial extremists Bandaloop, and Elizabeth Streb’s SLAM action confront the body and surfaces with choreographic approaches of risk. Streb’s slamming and rebounding movement exists in This contrasts the delicate work of Bill Shannon’s low flying, and the newly popular work of Chinese silk dancers. What are the definitions of dance?
McCullough, David. “The Builders.” The Great East River Bridge 1883-1983 Brooklyn, publication of The Brooklyn Museum, 127-152.
“Gravity’s Rainbow” is from Trisha Brown:  Dance and Art in Dialogue, 1961-2001. Anthology of Essays by Trisha Brown and others.  Catalogue. (Addison Gallery of American Art,  Phillips Academy.  Publication, 2002). Read all of PDF.
Philippe Petit TED Talk, February 2012:
Streb readings (two) in “Streb, Elizabeth (articles)” folder on Blackboard:  “Speaking of Dance, pp. 99-115.  And, “How to Become an Extreme Action Hero.” (Suggested, but not required)
ASSIGNMENT (due 10/16): You are required to have taken a class at Streb SLAM prior to today. We recommended Popaction.
——(1:30-2:30pm): WK 8 EXPERIENTIAL (optional)—Walk on the Brooklyn Bridge (weather dependent)
——(Time TBD): WK 8 EXPERIENTIAL (optional)—See “The Walk.” (We will determing theater and time based on whether we do the BB walk or not.)
——(7-8:30pm): WK 8 EXPERIENTIAL—Anti-gravity Class @ Anya Studio (49 West 24th Street – between 5th and 6th Aves. – 8th Floor)
10/18 Sun. (due on Bb by 11:59pm): WK 8 JOURNAL—Write a first draft of your artist statement. Examples provided on Blackboard.