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Week 7

Hi All,

Sorry this is a bit later than usual!  Get ready for another whirlwind week!
Also, we’re almost at the semester’s half way point: TAKE CARE OF YOURSELVES.  Find a pause.  Have a tea.  Ask for support.
1) We will have rough draft paper editing meetings on Friday afternoon.  We’ll sign up in class that morning before you give your presentations.
2) Because of Celia Rowlson Hall’s visit to comp class (on October 19!), the comp syllabus has been adjusted slightly.  Please see the new syllabus on Blackboard, and note the change to class tomorrow.

1) Your 5 minute oral presentations are not Powerpoint presentations.  But, you can use technology!  If you have questions about this, please email Sal and Al, so we can help you determine what is appropriate and possible at MGF.
2) Branch out and try new technique classes.  Please share your cheap class recommendations with each other (and us!).
10/5 Mon. (2-5:30pm): WK 7 COMP

Artist Statements, Mid-Semester Check In @
Gibney Studio B
Warm-up: Stephanie Mas
We will examine the artist statement, including looking at examples and beginning to brainstorm our own. Then, we will check in about how the semester is going so far, and each student’s individual goals, challenges, and desires. Last, we will begin to think about choreography and the camera, both as dance film, and as a choreographic tool.  We will link this experience to the guest artist with with Noemie LaFrance (A&R) and to our upcoming visit with Celia Rowlson Hall (upcoming on Oct 19).
10/7 Wed. (7:30pm): WK 7 PERFORMANCE—Sean Curran @ Brooklyn Academy of Music’s Harvey Theater (651 Fulton Street, Brooklyn, NY)
10/8 Thurs. (6:30pm): WK 7 PERFORMANCE—Andre: Ushering at Deborah Hay/Rude Mechs @ NYLA (219 West 19th Street). 7:30pm show.
——(8pm): WK 7 PERFORMANCE—Amanda, Briana, SarahGrace, Jamie: Fall for Dance @ City Center (130 West 56th Street)

10/9 Fri. (9:30am-1:30pm): WK 7 A&R CLASS—RESEARCH AT WORK @ Mertz Gilmore Foundation.

Snack: Kelsey & Briana

Research Project #1 oral presentations will be assessed on the quality of concept and investigative questions/themes, the range of research and substance of your discussion. Your oral presentation must be strong, succinct, well-timed (5 minutes), and it must flow and build to create a logical and exciting thesis.

ASSIGNMENT (due 10/13): *Research Paper #1 Edited Final Paper Due*

——(2:30-5:30pm): WK 7 EXPERIENTIAL—*Paper #1 Individual Editing Sessions* @ Sally’s house

——(6:30pm): WK 7 PERFORMANCE—SarahGrace, Jamie: Ushering at Deborah Hay/Rude Mechs @ NYLA (219 West 19th Street). 7:30pm show.
——(8pm): WK 7 PERFORMANCE—Taylor, Andre, Kelsey, Alice, Jackie: Fall for Dance @ City Center (130 West 56th Street)
10/10 Sat. (6:30pm): WK 7 PERFORMANCE—Amanda, Briana: Ushering at Deborah Hay/Rude Mechs @ NYLA (219 West 19th Street). 7:30pm show.
10/11 Sun. (due on Bb by 11:59pm): WK 7 JOURNAL—Write a response to one of the performances you have seen so far this semester. What choices did you notice the artist made? If you could interview the artist, what questions would you ask How does something this artist was working with resonate with your own interests? What other questions does this raise for you?