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Week 6

Hi All!!

This is a big week!  We all have a lot to do, but also an afternoon off on Friday!  : )
1) For tomorrow’s showing, please meet at 11am at the High Line’s southern entrance (near Gansevoort Street).  The showing will begin at 11:30am, if you would like let invited audience know.
2) Our Meet & Greet with Neil Greenberg’s New School class is sadly cancelled. But the show is still on!  : )
3) After your outline meetings, you should start writing your rough drafts.  Do not delay!!
4) After three heavy reading and lecture weeks, we are back to MGF and guests!  Please be sure to actually go to MGF on Friday (not Gibney!) and to prepare for Noemie LaFrance’s visit.  We will expect each of you to have formulated questions to ask her based on your perusal of her website and search of videos online.
1) If you would like Adrienne to serve in any special role assisting in your High Line work, let her know ASAP.
2) Your first “logs and proofs” deadline is October 2.  On that date, Al will be collecting receipts, programs, etc. (any tangible item) showing that you have attended performances and fulfilled your viewing requirement.  We’ll also be reviewing your google drive logs.
3) The stoop sale is Saturday morning.  Please reply to Hans’ email ASAP letting him know what you are making/bringing and what shift you are available to work.  Remember that this stoop sale subsidizes your Then She Fell tickets ($30 per person!).
9/28 Mon. (11-2pm): WK 6 COMP—Student High Line Performances & Debrief, Meet @ Southern End of High Line (near Gansevoort Street) *Show time at 11:30am*
All students will show their choreographic explorations at their chosen sites on the High Line. Afterwards, we will meet and discuss what worked, what other possibilities exist, and debrief on working in public space.
——(8pm): WK 6 PERFORMANCE—Movement Research @ Judson Church (55 Washington Square South)
9/29 Tues. (8:30am-12:55pm): *Paper 1 Outline Meetings*
——8:55am: Taylor
——9:20am: SarahGrace
——9:45am: Briana
——10:10: Alice
——11am: Jamie
——11:25am: Jackie
——12:10pm: Andre
——12:35pm: Amanda
9/30 Wed. (6:30pm): WK 6 PERFORMANCE—SarahGrace, Amanda: Ushering at Pat Hoffbauer @ Gibney Dance Center (53A Chambers Street/280 Broadway). 7:30pmshow.
10/1 Thurs. (6:30pm): WK 6 PERFORMANCE—Briana, Andre: Ushering at Pat Hoffbauer @ Gibney Dance Center (53A Chambers Street/280 Broadway). 7:30pmshow.
10/2 Fri (9:30-1:30pm): WK 6 A&R CLASS—RESEARCH AT WORK @ Mertz Gilmore Foundation

*Performance logs & proofs due*

Part 1) 9:45-11:45am – Guest Noemie Lafrance discusses her approach and research for site-specific work and how her dances have had unintended consequences that affect the communities in which the site is embedded (i.e. her McCarren pool piece). She will speak about her progression from large-scale site work to video, music video, film, and Cirque de Soleil, and her work internationally.

Part 2) 12-1pm – Guest Katrina Reid will talk about how to do a good oral presentation (next week it’s your turn).

VIDEO: Peruse videos on Noemie LaFrance’s website, Vimeo, and YouTube.

READINGS: Review and analyze LaFrance’s website:

ASSIGNMENT (due 10/2 in class): Develop two questions about Noemie LaFrance’s work, her process, what critics have written, etc. Noemie will leave time for a Q&A in her presentation.

ASSIGNMENT (due 10/4): *Research Paper #1 Rough Draft due*

ASSIGNMENT (due 10/9 in class): *Research Paper #1 Oral Presentation Due*

——(2-5pm): WK 6 EXPERIENTIAL—Free day!

——(6:30pm): WK 6 PERFORMANCE—Kelsey, Taylor: Ushering at Pat Hoffbauer @ Gibney Dance Center (53A Chambers Street/280 Broadway). 7:30pm show.
10/3 Sat. (10-2pm): WK 6 EVENT—Stoop Sale @ Sally’s House
——(6:30pm): WK 6 PERFORMANCE—Jamie, Jackie: Ushering at Pat Hoffbauer @ Gibney Dance Center (53A Chambers Street/280 Broadway). 7:30pm show.
10/4 Sun. (2-4pm): WK 6 PERFORMANCE—Batsheva @ The Joyce Theater (175 Eighth Avenue, at 19th Street)
——(4-6pm): WK 6 EVENT—Post-show discussion @ Sally’s house
——(due on Bb by 11:59pm): *Paper 1 Rough Draft Due*
——(due on Bb by 11:59pm): WK 6 JOURNAL—Reflect on the High Line performance. What were the major successes? Challenges? Make sure you reflect on your creation specifically, although of course you may also mention your classmates. What you would do next if you were to continue working on the performance?