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Week 2

Hi All,

Welcome to Week Two!  Thanks for a great start to the semester!


1) Blackboard is still problematic.  If you are not yet able to access the course sites (either Adrienne’s or Sally/Al’s), make sure that you contact the teacher of record to get the readings email to you.  It is your responsibility to let us know you need the reading materials.

2) For Friday’s A&R Experiential, there is a lec/dem component, so please bring comfortable clothes that you can move in.  Because we’ll be outside, make sure to wear sneakers.

3) This week starts the 3 performance viewings. You may roll over performance from weeks when you have seen more than the required amount.  Please record all performances on the “Performance Log” – shared through google drive. Also, make sure you find Andre or Al at each mandatory event because they will be taking attendance.

1) If you have not already sent in your goals, written out in A&R Class, please do so today.  Email them to Sally (both emails) and Al.  Make the subject line clear, like “Semester Goals.”

2) Tonight your first journal entry for Adrienne is due on Blackboard. Topic is in Adrienne’s syllabus and on the discussion board in the Comp Class Blackboard site, where you will be posting your journal entries

3) AAM Cards: Please make sure you have yours and it is in your wallet.  We will need on Monday and Saturday this week.



8/31 Mon. (2-5:30pm): WK 2 COMP: What is site specific performance?—@ Gibney Studio D

Warm Up: Adrienne

Today, we will reference our work and discussion from last week, and we will deepen our exploration and discussion of site specific performance to include ideas presented in the reading assignment. After discussions, will be guided through possible strategies, will brainstorm some of own own, and will then will seek out sites to create material in small groups for in-class viewing and discussion.

Assignment (due in class Mon. 8/31): Read “The ‘Place’ and Practice of Site Specific Theater and Performance” by Joanne Thompkins from Performing Site Specific Theatre: Politics, Place, Practice ( p.1-20) and come to class prepared to discuss.

8/31 Mon. (7:30-8:30pm): WK 2 PERFORMANCE—Timelining @ The Guggenheim (1071 Fifth Avenue, at 89th Street) Bring your AAM cards.

9/4 Fri. (9:30am-1pm): WK 2 A&R CLASS—NEW YORKTHE CITY AND ITS DANCE: Artistic Survival in NYC @ Mertz Gilmore Foundation (218 East 18th Street, between 2nd and 3rd Avenues)

Guest Ana “Rockafella” Garcia is one of the premiere B-girls of NYC and instrumental in getting the book We B Girlz published. Performer, choreographer and leader in the Hip Hop scene, Rockafella will discuss her career and survival as a Bgirl and urban street dancer

——Fri. (2-5pm): WK 2 EXPERIENTIAL—@ Sally’s house

Guest Abigail Levine is a site-specific choreographer (working on her Ph.D. in Performance Studies at NYU), who also spent substantial time in Cuba and works with Hemispheric Project/NYU.  She has performed and will discuss performances that play the edges of dance at the museums, the street, and subway durational performance research.

READINGS*let us know if you cannot access these readings on Bb*

Levine, Abigail. “Marina Abramovic’s Time: The Artist is Present: at the Museum of Modern Art.” In Emisferica, Fall 2010.

_______. Being a Thing. In Women & Performance: a journal of feminist theory, 2013.

Piper, Adrian.  Out of order, out of sight, MIT Press, PDF Pages pp. 32-34 (Section I: Art as Catalysis); last two lines of p. 44 to p. 53.

9/5 Sat (12-2:30 pm): WK 2 EVENT—MOMA VISIT @ Museum of Modern Art (11 West 53rd Street, btwn 5th and 6th Aves.) Bring your AAM cards.

Together we will explore Yoko Ono: One Woman Show. Meet in the lobby at noon. Lecture at 1:30 pm.

9/6 Sun (due on Bb by 11:59pm): WK 2 JOURNAL—Brainstorm about your High Line performance, referencing ideas that have come up so far in class readings, discussions, and your A&R experience with Abigail Levine.


That’s it for week two!!

All best,