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Week 12

Hi All,

Sorry for the delay!
You have a big week of writing.  Please set aside the time you need and take care of yourselves!
1) From Adrienne for class today: “If you have any non-traditional lighting sources of your own – flashlights, a desk lamp, etc – that you imagine being appropriate for your piece, bring them Monday. This is not required, we will have things available to experiment with, but IS welcome!”
2) Also for comp: Bring computers, iPads, tablets, smartphones, etc to class.
3) Readings for Roberf Dorf’s class will be clarified by later tonight.  Will send an addendum to this email.
4) For 11/13: Bring tablet, phone or computer for in-class journaling.

1) Your final-final paper is due 11/19.  Make sure you have set aside time to finish.  Remember: late papers = lower grades.
2) If you have not already, email Al to let her know you took a Streb class.
3) By 11/12, You are required to have taken a Burlesque class. We recommended the drop-in class on Thursday, 11/12, 7-8pm: But, the class happens every Thursday.
4) If you’re going home for Thanksgiving do not plan to leave before 4-4:30 on Friday, November 20th.  If you’re not going home, come to Al’s!
11/9 Mon. (5-8pm): WK 12 COMP—Lighting, Projection, Shadow and Framing with Guest Artist: Carrie Wood @ A.R.T. New York South Oxford Space
Note: Bring computers, iPads, tablets, smartphones, etc to class.
In this hands on workshop with guest artist, lighting designer Carrie Wood, will explore how to light and frame our creations with DIY resources. Class will include in-class experimentation with shadow, scale, altering space, framing movement to create immersive environments. We will also address best practices for collaboration. If students already have strong ideas about lighting, sound or other design elements, they should bring anything they have to help realize these to class today as well. Students will also continue to document their work (photo, video) for use in promotional materials.
ASSIGNMENT DUE (in class 11/9): Develop three minutes of movement and sound material for your final project; come to class prepared to work with and experiment with it further. In addition, bring any props or lighting sources you are interested in including in your final showing.
11/11 Wed. (due on Bb/via email by 5pm): *Research Paper # 2 Rough Draft Due*
11/12-14 Thurs.-Sun. (time TBA): Suggested Performance: Sydnie Mosley and Dancers @ University Settlement 
11/13 Fri. (9:30-2pm): WK 12 A&R CLASS—DIY Administration @ MGF
Snack/Lunch: Sal & Al
Part 1) 9:45-11:45am – Guest Robert Dorf teaches  “resume writing, interviewing, self positioning and the art of story telling (Hopefully not the fictional variety).” He will discuss strategies of administrative, development and marketing, which you will also tackle in your final project-performances. He will also field questions about starting your own small company or working as an independent choreographer.  Discussion topics include: the dance ecosystem; current economic climate and funding; important tenets for running a small company; Guidestar as information source on companies; 501(c)3 or not?; how to look for funding beyond NEA and NYSCA.

Part 2) 12-1:30pm – Panel & Q&A with recent FSU in NYC grads working in the field right now.  They have been invited to give you their perspectives on survival and dancing and the larger dance scene in the city.  This has been one of the most useful of all the classes, and because it falls at the end of the semester.

*Bring tablet or phone for in-class journaling.*
ASSIGNMENT (to do in class 11/13): Review the goals you wrote about at the beginning of the semester.  How have your goals changed?  What has caused them to change?
READINGS: Will be clarified by later tonight.
——Fri. (3-5pm): WK 12 EXPERIENTIAL *Research Project #2 Editing Meetings* @ Sally’s house
——Fri. (8pm): WK 12 PERFORMANCE—Kyle Abraham @ The Joyce
11/15 Sun. (due on Bb by 11:59pm): WK 12 JOURNAL—Combine your bio, artist statement and project proposal into project description. Examples will be provided on Blackboard.