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Week 11

Hi All,
Happy belated Halloween and Happy Marathon Day!
1) Doug had a great time with us on Friday, and sent quotes as a follow up.  Hisemail is
“Even the greatest work of literature is nothing more than the alphabet in disarray .”
-Jean Cocteau”I don’t see why my Art has to make sense, my Life doesn’t (make sense).”
-David Lynch“The world is not a logical place, if it were men would be the ones who ride side saddle.”
-Catherine the Great

“The world breaks everyone and afterward many are strong in the broken places”
A Farewell To Arms

“A name is a lie that keeps you from thinking that you might be more than one single being”
-Night Vale podcast

“Ever tried.Ever failed.No matter.Try again .Fail again.Fail better.”
-Samuel Beckett (essentially the creative process in haiku form😉)

I said: what about my eyes?
God said:keep them on the road.
I said: what about my passion?
God said: Keep it burning.
I said: what about my heart?
God said: Tell me what you hold inside it?
I said: pain and sorrow?
He said:…stay with it.
The wound is the place where the Light enters you.


1) If you’re going home for Thanksgiving do not plan to leave before 4-4:30 on Friday, November 20th.  If you’re not going home, come to Al’s!
2) Take a class at STREB (this is listed in the syllabus).  We suggest POPACTION, but the choice is yours.  Email Al to let her know you took class.
3) By 11/12, You are required to have taken a Burlesque class. We recommended the drop-in class on Thursday, 11/12, 7-8pm: But, the class happens every Thursday.

11/2 Mon. (2-3:45pm): WK 11 COMP—Pop Up Performance @ Gibney Studio B

We will focus on quickly generating movement and making choices for Pop Up  Performances in some of Gibney’s lesser-used spaces. We will also consider the role of the soundscape, or other subtle framing choices, in framing these impromptu performances. We will re-visit some past phrasebook, as well as engaging in some hands-on work creating soundscapes, and will imagine how these might inform or enhance our site-specific creations.  Then, we will put these concepts into practice, again creating Pop Up Performances in Gibney.

Additional in-class reading:
NY Times “A Symphony of Floorboards, Pipes and Stairs” By Campbell Robertson Published: November 21, 2011 (
——(4:20-6pm): WK 11 EVENT—Rehearsal visit to Bill T. Jones/Arnie Zane Dance Company @ NYLA (219 West 19th Street, between 7th and 8th Aves). Check in as group with box office at 4:20pm, for 4:30pm rehearsal.  Company Manager Hannah Emerson or Stage Manager Veronica Falborn will greet us and take us to studio.
11/4 Wed. (due on Bb by 5pm): *Research Paper # 2 Outline Due*
11/6 Fri. (9:30-1pm): WK 11 A&R CLASS—Social Dance in NYC: Urban Styles @ Mertz Gilmore Foundation.

Snack: Briana & Al

Part 1) 9:45-11:00am-Peer review of paper outlines, plus Sally & Al feedback; post-show discussion of recent performances

Part 2) 11:05-12:45pm-Social dance embodies markers of race, gender and cultural identity that change who and where it is done. Begun in the South Bronx, Hip Hop is a multi-faceted culture combining music, poetry (rap), fashion, graphic art (graffiti) that became and remains a worldwide-youth cultural phenomenon, and multi-billion dollar fashion industry. The multi-ethnic diversity the Bronx assured hip hop’s excellence, variety, durability and was shaped by social and physical forces of the neighborhood. (Seminar group: Andre, Briana, Amanda)

Banes, Sally. “Breaking.’” In Fresh: Hip Hop Don’t Stop, edited by Nelson George, Sally Banes, Susan Flinker and Patty Romanowski. New York: Random House, 1985.
“Hip Hop’s Founding Father Speak the Truth,”  Interviews conducted by Nelson George with Afrikka Bambaatta, DJ Kool Herk, Grandmaster Flash and others, The Source . A magazine, now defunct (New York) November, 1993. PDF pages7-11. [Filed on Bb under ‘George, Nelson’]
[SKIM] Lutz, Jennifer. “Taking Up Space: An Interview with Bio of TATS CRU, Inc.” Dance Research Journal Winter (2001).
——(2-5pm): WK 11 EXPERIENTIAL—Bronx walking tour with Guest Jorge “PopMaster Fabel” Pabon. @ The Point (940 Garrison Ave.) Bronx. 6 train to Hunts Point Avenue.  Walk under the Bruckner Expressway (right in front of you when you exit the train station onto Hunts Point Avenue) and make a right turn at the first light onto Garrison Avenue. THE POINT is on the corner of Garrison and Manida Street (the first street on your left walking on Garrison).  The entrance is on Manida Street.
The Bronx neighborhood walk guided by founding member of Rock Steady Crew and graffiti writer, Jorge “PopMaster Fabel” Pabon. He will show and explain older examples of graffiti, and growth of graffiti worldwide. Why is graffiti ubiquitous throughout Europe?
11/8 Sun. (due on Bb by 11:59pm): WK 11 JOURNAL—Review first draft of artist statement, past journal entries, including bio, artist reflection, and project proposal, and craft a 1-2 paragraph artist statement. Examples will be provided on Blackboard. IN ADDITION, compile a list of 50 contacts for a promotional e-mail list, uploaded to Blackboard and emailed.