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Week 10

Hi All,

Huge thanks for your work on the stoop sale!  The $328 you made may be a FSU in NYC record!  Congrats!
1) We have a very full Friday morning schedule, and would like to start class a bit earlier.  Please arrive by9:30am, so we can get started as the coffee brews.
2) There are two links from Doug Elkins below, which are part of your required reading for Friday’s A&R Class.  There are other reviews online (in two separate folders), but prioritize the two below, which Doug sent this week.
3) You are on your own with performances for the next 2 weeks!  Please make sure to go to a venue you’ve never seen; see something you wouldn’t likely see outside of NYC.  Look for ushering opportunities whenever possible.  Check the recommended performances google calendar.


1) Monday’s comp class is at a different location!  Check below for address and map.
2) If you’re going home for Thanksgiving do not plan to leave before 4-4:30 on Friday, November 20th.  If you’re not going home, come to Al’s!
3) Take a class at STREB (this is listed in the syllabus).  We suggest POPACTION, but the choice is yours. Al to let her know you took class.
4) By 11/12, You are required to have taken a Burlesque class. We recommended the drop-in class on Thursday, 11/12, 7-8pm: But, the class happens every Thursday.
10/26 Mon. (2-5:30pm): WK 10 COMP—Performing Memory and Framing @ A.R.T. New York South Oxford Space (138 S Oxford St, Brooklyn, NY 11217). For map, clickhere.
Warm Up: Adrienne
In this class, we will be using old family photographs as a way of exploring (imagined) histories. Working with
photographs, we will learn and develop choreographic and improvisational structures. We will reference back to
Meredith Monk’s Ellis Island. We will compose 1-3 minutes of movement for viewing in-
class next week (finish outside of class as necessary).
In addition, we will discuss the reading “Immersive Negotiations: Binaural Perspectives on Site-
specific Sound” and begin to unpack it in preparation for next week’s return to working with sound.
In-class reading “Meredith Monk Brings Ellis Island to Life” from Duke Today (Oct 29, 2012)


due in class 10/26): Select and bring in one or more old family photographs.
Please bring hard print if possible. We will be thinking about history(s) and it is ideal that these
are photos from before you were born.

ASSIGNMENT (due in class 10/26): Read “Immersive Negotiations: Binaural

Perspectives on Site-specific Sound” by Richard Windeyer and Bruce Barton
from Performing Site-Specific Theatre: Politics, Place, Practice (Anna Birch and
Joanne Tompkins, editors)
10/29 Thurs. (5-7pm): WK 10 EVENT—Guest Okwui Okpokwasili @ Sally’s house
10/30 Fri. (9:30am-1pm): WK 10 A&R CLASS—Social Dance in NYC: Then and Now @ Mertz Gilmore Foundation

*In-class Research Paper #2 Topic Discussion*

*Performance logs & proofs due*

Snack: Taylor and Jackie

Part 1) 9:45-10:25am – Seminar: Kelsey, Alice, SarahGrace

Part 2) 10:30-12:30pm – Urban Dance in NYC–then Europe, South America, Asia: how a subordinate population changed American dance and music which traveled to US regional locales and became worldwide dance fads. American social dances retain world domination, but concert dance languishes: Why? Several contemporary choreographers have successfully incorporated urban street forms into their work. GuestDoug Elkins, multiple BESSIE award winner, is one of those choreographers, among other dance-makers Ronald K. Brown, David Neumann, Jawole W. Zollar, etc.

Part 3) 12:35-12:55pm – In-class discussion on Research Paper #2 Topics (If needed, we’ll continue these discussions past 1pm.)


Sommer, Sally. Encyclopedia of African American Culture and History”  New York: MacMillan & Company, 1992, 2502-2513.

Barbara Englebrecht. “Swinging At the Savoy.” Dance Research Journal S (1983). 9 pages.

Various reviews of Doug Elkins’ work:

ASSIGNMENT (due 10/30):  *Prepare for Research Paper #2 topic discussion based on readings and your ideas for the final research project*

ASSIGNMENT (due 11/1): *Research Paper #2 topics due in journal entry*

ASSIGNMENT (due 11/4): *Research Paper #2 outline due (listed as “Worksheet #2” on Blackboard)*

——Fri. (2-4pm): WK 10 EXPERIENTIAL—Video Viewing @ Sally’s house

Catch up video watching of essential dancing information:

The Spirit Moves – examples of the Savoy dance forms

“Hellzapoppin,” extraordinary document of Savoy Exhibition style of Whitey’s Lindy Hoppers

Jazz by Ric Burns, excerpt, the Savoy Ballroom as a nexus of black dance and musical styles

Tap compilations

Youtube selections and other, TBA

10/31 Sat. (5:30-7:30pm): WK 10 EVENT—Halloween Party @ Sally’s

11/1 Sun. (due on Bb by 11:59pm): WK 10 JOURNAL—

Final research paper topics due for A&R in short paragraph (75 words). See A&R Syllabus.

Use remaining space to reflect: based on your chosen research topic for A&R, and your experiences, explorations, and site visits so far, create a one-paragraph proposal for a final project. Sample proposals will be provided on Blackboard.