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Dear Prospective Student,
I encourage you to sign up for the program!  FSU IN NYC is an amazing experience in an exciting city.  You will meet a lot of the movers and shakers in the dance scene to help make the transition from the university to the outside dance world proceed more smoothly. Beyond being a terrific experience for you, it is wonderful for me. So consider FSU in NYC, talk to your advisers, write me, and we can set up a time to talk.
Warm wishes,
Dr. Sally Sommer

The FSU in NYC program introduces students to the professional dance world – as working members of that community. The FSU in NYC program is structured, exciting and safe and gives students the opportunity to try out the city, and to realistically assess how they might fit into the field. A usual progression for dance students is to go directly to NYC following graduation, searching for the “big break.” However, left to negotiate city’s difficulties by themselves, they often succumb to emotional, financial and physical pressures.

FSU in NYC is in a mentored system of classes and events that immerse the students in the NYC dance world, enabling them to use the city as arts’ resource, and allow them to begin serious networking for the future. Students are offered classes for full academic credit that include: “NYC as Arts and Resource,” a 6-credit course that includes both a scholarly seminar and a practical, experiential complementary event; practical 10-hour Internships; ushering; practical experiences of taking dance classes at NYC dance studios; attending many performances, museums, studios; engaging in a weekly workshop/lab and self-producing two dance performances, and working at the best dance and arts organizations in the city. The connections made during the FSU in NYC semester extend beyond the single semester, shaping their professional dance lives. We excel in the quality and diversity of class experiences and opportunities to meet and talk with well-known figures in dance world, including scholars, performers, choreographers, critics, filmmakers, producers/presenters. Joining the FSU students are New York University and University of Florida students, and, we share some classes and panel-collaborations with dance students from the New School for Social Research.