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School of Dance News

MANCC Brings Innovative Artists for 2020-2021 Season

January 20, 2021
MANCC is pleased to offer support to a range of artists throughout the 2020-2021 season. While this support continues to shift in method, MANCC is committed to its season art ...

MANCC Welcomes Visiting Artist Netta Yerushalmy

January 8, 2021
An acclaimed dance artist who works across genres and disciplines, Netta Yerushalmy is currently at MANCC to further solo material for her work Movement (working title) and plans t ...

2020 School of Dance Magazine

January 7, 2021
 The Florida State University School of Dance has released its Spring 2020 Issue! The School of Dance Magazine offers a collection of the many events and accomplishments of t ...
MANCC Artists Named among Nominees for Prestigious Awards

MANCC Artists Named among Nominees for Prestigious Awards

January 5, 2021
In the spring of 2018 School of Dance students gathered in a dark theater listening to the heavy beat of club music and watching projections fill screens tethered to th ...

MANCC Welcomes Kota Yamazaki and Mina Nishimura

December 14, 2020
Kota Yamazaki and Mina Nishimura will return to MANCC in December 2020, this time to work as a collaborative pair on their new piece, I am a Ghost, The Other, or You. ...

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