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Ansje Burdick

Published April 20, 2015

MANCC Managing Director
Specialized Faculty
School of Dance
Curriculum Vitae (CV)


Ansje Burdick has supported over 30 nationally significant artists since joining MANCC in 2010. Currently the Managing Director, she is responsible for the daily operations of MANCC. She supervises MANCC staff and student interns, tracks residency expenditures, ensures that MANCC’s residency artists’ logistical concerns and production needs are met, and provides general support for the MANCC Director. She is also responsible for producing accurate and compelling organizational communications via the website, social media and print materials, and works closely with MANCC’s Media Specialist, overseeing residency documentation to ensure documentation is of the highest quality, while considering the needs of both artists and MANCC. Burdick also works closely with MANCC’s Research Associate in the development of artist Entrypoints that feed the residency research by offering artists access to the resources of the university and community. After graduating from a performing arts high school she focused on Psychology and Dance, gaining her BA from the University of Oregon in 1992 followed by her Masters in Arts Administration in 1998. Burdick has held a number of administrative positions, both in and out of the arts, serving as Assistant Director for Web Services in the School of Public Health at University of North Carolina as well as Director of Marketing and Public Relations at the Florida State University School of Theater before joining MANCC.


University of Oregon