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2021 School of Dance Magazine

Published December 2, 2021


The Florida State University School of Dance has released its 2021 Issue! The School of Dance Magazine offers a collection of the many events and accomplishments of the department. This year’s focus highlights our alumni and there accomplishments in the field. It serves as a voice for the students and faculty of the Florida State University program, as well as a beacon for prospective students, with all the information about the department, including its history, details on programs, and more.

As one of the top dance programs in the nation, FSU’s School of Dance is known for exceptionally talented students from around the world, award winning faculty and staff, exciting guest artists, teachers and choreographers, and prestigious programs, both local and overseas. Established over eighty years ago, the School of Dance offers a state of the art facility and a core mission to combine exceptional artistic training with a liberal arts education, and continues to be a pioneer and leader among college dance programs. The school’s dedication to both art and learning instructs approximately 400 students each semester, who eventually enter the job market as dancers, teachers, scholars, and leaders in companies, schools, universities and art organizations around the world.

The School of Dance is also the home of the internationally recognized dance research center the Maggie Allesee National Center for Choreography (MANCC). The mission of this unique and visionary center is to funnel creative activity capturing the interest in the dance field and encouraging the creation, dissemination and documentation of new knowledge in dance and choreography. FSU dance majors have the opportunity to observe professional artists as they engage in projects while in residence at MANCC.