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Ilana Goldman Brings Dance To The Big Screen

Published July 24, 2015

Ilana Goldman

This summer, Ilana Goldman choreographed a ballet titled Gaining Ground for ARC Dance, a Seattle-based contemporary ballet company, which was performed at the Seattle Center. Goldman presented a paper at the World Dance Alliance conference in Hawaii and also attended the Corps de Ballet International conference in Baltimore. She also taught at the Regional Dance America National Choreography Intensive and began work with her partner Gabriel Williams on a dance for camera piece filmed in Colorado and commissioned by Victor Morgenstern and Perry-Mansfield Performing Arts School.


Director: Ilana Goldman | Choreography: Ilana Goldman in collaboration with Gabriel Williams | Editing: Ilana Goldman
Cinematography: Ilana Goldman and Gabriel Williams | Performers: Ilana Goldman and Gabriel Williams
Composer: Dan Smith | Music Performed By: Dan Smith and Jennifer Kathleen Pittman

Goldman and Williams’ film Convergence was accepted into the International Screendance Festival at the American Dance Festival, Movies by Movers Festival, the University of Washington’s 50th Anniversary of Dance Conference, and the World Dance Alliance’s Digital Dance Concert. One of four films selected from juried review, Convergence will screen at the July 2015 World Dance Alliance Conference in Honolulu, HI. Future projects include a new work to live solo cello for Tallahassee Ballet’s Evening of Music and Dance premiering in September.