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FSU School of Dance Presents: Dance on Camera

Published March 14, 2016

The Florida State University School of Dance is delighted to present Dance on Camera– Tallahassee on March 18, 2016, at 8PM. Held annually in New York City, the Dance on Camera Festival presents hundreds of screenings which bring together artists and respected presenters from around the world who are pioneering the future of dance on film.

Dance on Camera Tour provides institutions all over the country the opportunity to present work from the New York festival. Last month, School of Dance professor Tim Glenn traveled to New York for the national festival where he viewed a multitude of films and handpicked several to be screened at FSU. The School of Dance has participated in this touring program multiple times in recent years and is excited to once again be able bring this exciting opportunity to the Tallahassee community.

The FSU showing will include a diverse lineup of films from seven different countries. Glenn made his selections not only because of their high caliber of cinematic and choreographic integrity, but also to provide students with examples of work that are possible to create with the technology and courses offered through the School of Dance. The films being shown in Tallahassee include:

Abismo (Canada)

Drifting on a raft, a man and a woman dance instinctively and choose the only possible escape.
Approaching the Puddle (Germany)
A curious woman, appropriately dressed for a rainy day, explores her environment in an empty parking lot.

David (New Zealand)
A dance narrative set against the backdrop of New Zealand’s coastline features two parallel storylines that examine the title character’s young life and those he has come to share it with.
Descent (United Kingdom)
A man is inhabited by memories and visions as he approaches his final hours.
Indigo Grey: The Passage (United States)
A young boy’s discovery of a mysterious gas mask provides a glimpse into an alternate reality
Little Dreams (Belgium)
A dance animation about dreams, fears, and aspirations made with over 4,000 hand-cut characters.
Tactum – Elements of Dance (Poland)
According to Ayurveda, the Hindu science of health and medicine, there are three forces that give color to our existence: Green (Kapha), Red (Pitta), and Blue (Vata). Inspired by this philosophy the director opens a window to an imaginary world as well as to the creation of a series of dances charged with emotion and infused with serenity.

Participating in the Dance on Camera Tour gives FSU students a unique opportunity to experience some of the finest dance films currently being produced around the world. The screening will take place on the northwest terraced green space outside of Montgomery Hall and is free to viewers.

Dance Films Association and the Film Society of Lincoln Center co-present the Dance on Camera Festival and the Dance on Camera Tour. Dance Films Association receives support from the National Endowment for the Arts and is celebrating its 60th anniversary year in 2016. For more information contact Joyce Fausone by phone at 850.645.2449 or via email at, or check online at The School of Dance is within the College of Fine Arts at Florida State University.