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Grisha Coleman Informal Showing

15jan5:30 pmGrisha Coleman Informal Showing5:30 pm


january 15, 2016 5:30pm

Event Details

Visiting Artist Grisha Coleman, and her collaborative team of dancers and singers, along with architecture, sound, video, 3D animation, lighting and human-computer interface designers will be in residence at MANCC developing Treadmill Dreamtime, running in place, the second installment of echo::system — a framework for arts-driven research and public engagement, constructed to mediate connections between art, nature, and science.

Treadmill Dreamtime, running in place is an art installation and performance project that explores the dynamic behavior of integrated systems in art, performance, nature and science while transforming disembodied, abstracted information about the environment into a fully sensory, experiential, embodied event in an effort to make significant perspective shifts in how we interact with our environment. Video, sound, light, animation, and an art installation work together to replace the boundaries of the theater walls and immerse the audience in a world in which they are free to interact and reflect upon their simulated surroundings.

In order to create a rich platform for inter- and transdisciplinary work, Coleman and collaborators have previously drawn on multiple creative and experimental approaches – intimate think tank retreats, architectural charrettes, behavioral prototyping of interactive systems, software design, studio-based dance and music rehearsals, and more traditional dramaturgy consultations. Treadmill Dreamtime, running in place’s residency at MANCC serves as a gathering place for the collaborators so as to integrate, harmonize and troubleshoot the elements/components of the performance.