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FSU in NYC is an important innovation in dance education, featured in the National Endowment for the Arts, Dance/USA publication Dance from the Campus to the Real World. Highlights: students attend multiple events per week and regularly interact with leaders in the field. MFA and mature BFA seniors can study with studio teachers of choice, and attend choreographic workshops, as well as research at the finest libraries. Here are what past students have said about the program:

FSU in NYC is a vital and unique program that every student should consider as part of his or her growth as an American dancer. My experience as an FSU grad student would not have been complete without this program.

– Mary Roberts

The New York program gave me the opportunity to hit a sort of reset button. Due to the incredible experiences, shows, classes, and guidance from Sally and Alessandra, I was able to truly understand my priorities within this field at this point in time.

– Kayla McClellan

My semester in NYC was the most valuable experience I have had at FSU. Not only were the classes challenging and thought-provoking, the program is unique in its individual approach for each student which is an incomparable blessing. I was able to witness numerous performances, take class with inspiring teachers and build my own New York network. The information I learned will not only inform my last semester at FSU but instigate the next path of my career as a contemporary artist.

– Rebecca Fitton

The thing about this program that was frightening but also amazingly beneficial is that it forced me to make choices for myself and be really proactive. It really is like real life with training wheels, which I think is something that I needed, because I was afraid to go, but now I’m so glad I did and I feel much more confident about my future.

– Genevieve Li

I am truly grateful for the experiences and skills I learned through the FSU in NYC program. In my second semester of my junior year I was unsure if I was ready to travel to New York that fall. I decided to attend this program following my senior year and planned to stay in New York after graduation. I could not be happier with my choice as FSU in NYC set me up with the tools and connections I needed to feel comfortable in this often overwhelming city; from where to take class and see all sorts of dance performances to how to navigate the subway and act like a proper New Yorker. This program is so valuable to any dancer who wants to test the waters and learn more about the lush history of dance in NYC.

 – Rosa Bledsoe

As someone not from the dance dept, FSU in NYC was a perfect opportunity for me to explore and embody the dialogue that exists between the visual and performing arts.

 – Nathaniel Hendrickson

The experiences I had from the FSU|NYC Program will be ones that I will cherish long past graduation. Through the program’s access to hands on experience, I gained a sense of confidence and independence, received advice on how to survive the real world and was inspired by so many beautiful people and artists.

– Sarah Diamond

This program has the ability to bring out the courage you never thought you had.

– Mikaila Ware

Getting to know and work personally with alumni, I instantly felt a sense of community and new-found family. For me, it was important to learn about the way people make their careers as dancers work for them and how it has gotten them where they are today as successful artists. It also thrilling and inspiring that these wonderful people are willing to help future graduates of FSU’s School of Dance found their own way in New York.

– Amanda Ayo