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Academic Programs

“Work in Progress” Dance for camera piece filmed in Colorado, Commissioned by Victor Morgenstern and Perry-Mansfield Performing Arts School, Photo by Gabriel Williams

Fledgling” Dance for camera piece filmed in Colorado, Commissioned by Victor Morgenstern and Perry-Mansfield Performing Arts School, Photo by Gabriel Williams

Accredited by NASD, the Florida State University School of Dance upholds the scholarly rigor of a preeminent research institution while drawing upon its lineage of a conservatory model in dance training. The School delivers high quality technical training in both classical and contemporary techniques from a faculty that boasts extensive professional and academic expertise both nationally and internationally. Students have access to state of the art dance facilities with six studio spaces, a conditioning studio, costume shop, centers for music and technology, a black box theatre, as well as the fully equipped proscenium Nancy Smith Fichter Dance Theatre which seats 380. Several concert series are presented annually including Days of Dance, Evening of Dance, and Master Thesis Projects affording students many performance and choreographic opportunities. The School of Dance is also the home of the internationally recognized dance research center the Maggie Allesee National Center for Choreography (MANCC).  FSU dance majors have the opportunity to observe and interact with professional artists while in residence at MANCC. 

School of Dance graduate programs offer a selection of degrees anchored to a curriculum that fosters artist scholars through a rigorous embodied research agenda. Graduate students, together with dedicated faculty support, develop individualized plans of study that allow them to become immersed in choreography, dance technology, the dance sciences, dance studies, community engagement and/or cutting edge history courses in dance practices of the Americas. Students are able to choose from a studio practice emphasis of study (MFA); a research emphasis of study (MA in American Dance Studies); or tailoring a unique program of study of critical inquiry into community engagement, dance sciences, dance production design, or dance technology (MA in Studio and Related Studies). Through an expansive Study Abroad program offering, our students are able expand their learning with firsthand experience in New York, Paris, and Spain.

The Undergraduate Program

The School of Dance offers a BFA, as well as a BFA + MA combined degree. The BFA in dance at Florida State University is designed to provide an environment of the highest caliber in both practice and scholarship preparing students to enter dance as a profession. The degree emphasis is on performance and choreography as well as the theoretical aspects of dance (pedagogical, historic and aesthetic). The BFA + MA combined degree is ideal for the undergraduate dance major who has identified area(s) of interest within the School of Dance curriculum and seeks to deepen their investigation into this/these area(s). Guided by the mentorship of distinguished faculty, the program is designed to support self-driven inquiry and offer curricular flexibility.

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The Graduate Program

The School of Dance offers two graduate level degrees. The MFA program is designed for those with recent dance baccalaureates, as well as for professionals seeking a graduate degree. Along with daily studio classes and advanced coursework, MFA candidates must fulfill other research, writing, and creative requirements for graduation. The MA in Dance (Studio and Related Studies) provides students opportunity for significant investigation into one or more areas of study related to studio work to shape their particular contribution to the field of dance upon graduation. The MA in Dance (American Dance Studies) prepares students for careers or continued studies in diverse areas of the dance field that may include, but are not limited to: dance administration, museum or dance archival studies, or arts library science.

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